Intro Webinar: Find Love Now by Nancy Slotnick

Intro Webinar: Find Love Now

How's your lovelife?


This is a Webinar introduction to find out more about the Find Love Now Program from Nancy Slotnick and Matchmaker Cafe. Please check it out and get a special gift just for watching.

What's included?

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Intro Webinar
Make Finding Love a Priority
13 mins

Do you feel ready to find love now?

Nancy Slotnick, Dating Coach, founder of Matchmaker Cafe and published author of dating advice is recruiting. She is looking for the most eligible (in her opinion, of course) single men and women that are ready to find "the One." She has developed a Program that can help you find it within six months, with her guidance. Skeptical? Well, you should be. There are no guarantees in life, and you have to believe it can happen to you. You also have to be willing to try something different. If you are interested in being considered, email with a brief self description. Or book a free 15 minute session to find out more.